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METALTECH (tm) is a brand by HL PRODUCT about licensed and original characters, robots or other mecha vehicles made as die cast (metal) toys for adult collectors offering different functionalities.


The first  METALTECH (tm) model ever produced was GRENDIZER from the UFO ROBOT GRENDIZER manga series by the manga ka GO NAGAI  as an original rendition during Year 2008. Latest models were designed to be faithful to the design as in the manga or anime and engineered so no large gap can be seen between articulations. METALTECH (tm) was also one of the first die cast toy to offer "in action" weapon accessories, a feature that many companies started to use the following years.


METALTECH (tm) is now an always expending line of toys part of HL PRODUCT, with new regular release planned for the next several years introducing innovative systems and concept.  

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